About us and what we do?

We create furniture for those who love solid WOOD, its fragrance, color and the most important style. We respect nature and we also want the recovered WOOD to find a warm angle at your home. We have specific ideas, but we are open to the client's suggestions and expectations.

We create furniture from recovery and oak wood, because we are against the use of particle boards or plastics. We are ECO and we respect the environment. Change your view and start buying furniture from natural resources.

For our furniture we use natural materials such as acrylic varnishes, wood stains, maintenance oils, various types of waxes, etc.

We combine steel, concrete and wood.

Our priority is making permanent furniture for years that can be easily renewed and re-used.

Recycled wood

Buying furniture from recovered wood you contributes to ecology. You reduce the felling of forests, you respect nature. Recycled wood combined with other materials such as steel or concrete can acquire a lot of charm. Encourage others to also contribute to the use of natural materials and avoid those processed.

The most durable raw material?

Oak is very hard wood. Furniture made of this material is extremely durable and durable. If they are properly nurtured, they will survive in unchanged condition for many years and serve several generations. They can be renewed and repainted many times. These furniture are resistant to mechanical damage, they are difficult to destroy. They are characterized by high load resistance. The oak wood shelving will lift the weight of the home library without any problem. On the shelves, you will not see any sagging, which often happens with furniture made of wood-based panels.

Oak is permanent ...

MYTH. If we opt for oiled furniture, we must remember that they require special care. You have to cover them with special oil from time to time, which will create a protective layer on the furniture. Depending on the manufacturer's recommendations, it will be necessary to lubricate the furniture at least once a month or several times a year. These furniture can not be cleaned with any detergents, it is best to use a damp cloth. If you spill juice on it, you have to wipe it quickly, because it can soak into the furniture and leave a lasting impression.

Is it worth buying oak furniture?

Oak furniture has its own unique charm and many advantages. If they are properly nurtured, they will be eternal. They are durable and resistant, resistant to mechanical damage. If they are destroyed (which will not happen quickly), they can be easily renewed. An obstacle in their purchase may be a high price - they are the most expensive among other furniture made of native wood species. Nevertheless, it is an investment for years - no other furniture will survive as long and in such good condition as oak.